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Otis Spunkmeyer

A truly sweet American original

One day in 1976, Ken Rawlings, the original founder of Otis Spunkmeyer, sniffed a scent that would change the course of his, and all sweet treat lovers, lives forever...the wonderfully sweet smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air in a California shopping mall. From that day forward, Ken was inspired. A daring visionary, he immediately set the wheels in motion to create a brand that could bring a little bit of fresh baked sweetness into the daily lives of all, young and old. And so, Ken was in the cookie business!

By 1977, Otis Spunkmeyer opened its doors to the Californian public, soon to become an American classic, and ultimately, an international favourite.

Now, we’re proud to make Otis Spunkmeyer sweet treats available here in the UK. 

It’s our pleasure to bring you an amazing variety of treats that are full of flavour, made with only the highest-quality ingredients and packed full of delicious fillings.

And we promise, time and time again, when you bite into one of our cookies, muffins or donuts, you’re sure to experience the truly magical taste that is unique to Otis Spunkmeyer treats.



Otis Spunkmeyer | Aryzta Food Solutions


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